Career Profile

Experienced Ruby and Golang developer with the focus on issues solving and tasks complition. Growing my knowledge in managing and team operation. Was leading 2 IT projects with 4 and 5 people each. Worked as a CTO in Machine Learning Start Up that was funded by German Government. My technical background is comming from microelectronics and micromechnical engineering field where I have academic experince with published papers and multiple science conference presentations.


Lead Developer

GetSafe GmbH

  • Building tools for internal clients operations
  • Internal processes automation
  • Helping to improve development processed
  • Helping to integrate Jira in working processes

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Mind Intelligence UG

  • Participant of EXIST Business Start-up Grant program.
  • Developing architecture and empathy technology with methods of Deep Learning.
  • Development team foundation and freelancers management.
  • Various MVPs development for market testing.

Ruby on Rails Developer

Distribusion Technologies GmbH

  • Core API design and development.
  • Separation of monolith app into smaller applications.
  • Building responsive front-end in accordance with BEM technology.
  • SOAP and JSON API integration of partners.
  • Building and managing processes for applications localisation into more than 10 languages.
  • Interviewing new developers.
  • Managing CI and test infrastructure.
  • Implementing part of micro-service architecture.
  • Implementing internal gem for simplifying partners integrations.
  • Implementing gem for objects representation.
  • Build Go application for big CSV files pre-processing.

Ruby on Rails Developer

OOO "Sirena-Bus"

  • Back- and front-end developing.
  • Writing AngularJS front-end (views and controllers) for Rails back-end.
  • Building infrastructure for app deployment and server configuration with Ansible.
  • Research associate and Project Manager

    National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET)

    • Research and development on new sensors and their applications.
    • Writing software for microcontrollers such as AVR, PIC and ARM.
    • Writing PC and mobile software for testing MEMS sensors.
    • Developing biomedical device for vital signs monitoring.
    • Presenting products on exhibitions.
    • Making oral and poster presentations on international science conferences.
    • Science projects management from writing applications to team forming, reports writing and final commissioning.


    Tercul - A global literature multicultural library where you can find translation of your favorite literature works and nice thematic collections.
    Simplify Traffic - Service for helping bus related companies effectively use their GPS data for tracking vehicles fleet, control drivers, optimising routes and informing passengers about possible delays, estimation arrival time and bus position.
    This project won multiple Start Up innovation competions.

    Skills & Proficiency

    Ruby, Golang

    DevOps (Ansible, Linux, AWS, DO)

    Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD

    Javascript & jQuery

    Angular & React

    HTML5 & CSS

    Python & Machine Learning