Executing long running tasks on Heroku

When SSH connection exits with timeout

Posted by Damir Mukimov on July 13, 2018

In our company we have rake tasks that operates huge amounts of data and they are triggered everyday by Heroku Scheduler. Once a rake task failed and I wanted to execute it manually. Unfortunately, execution of this huge command took too long and Heroku threw a connection timeout. Of cause execution of command stopped as well. But there is a way how to execute long running commands better: use heroku run:detached.


heroku run:detached rails runner 'Class.big_task_methor' -a App

As a result Heroku will provide you with command

Run heroku logs --app AAA --dyno run.7619 to view the output.

where you can see the logs.


By the way, for each heroku run ... command Heroku creates a new instance (dyno) with standard configuration (with 512mb of RAM). If you need more, you should specify it manually by adding an option --size, for example:

heroku run --size=standard-2x rake heavy:job

More information could be found here.